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Welcome to Deaerator Solutions, LLC

Deaerator Solutions, LLC provides you with innovative solutions for your Deaerator needs. We offer Deaerator repair, parts and performance improvement services for companies worldwide.


Our Services
Performance evaluations and on-site evaluations performed at your plant. Specialties include FAC (Flow Accelerated Corrosion) performance testing and mechanical upgrades including replacement Deaerator trays and spray valves with upgraded state-of-the-art designs that meet all US code requirements, including the HEI Heat Exchange Institute for Deaerators.

Trust our team to provide you with support that includes the review and modification of your spray scrubber or spray tray type Deaerator. We upgrade supply tray enclosures, trays, spray valves, and water boxes for any Deaerator. Ask us to solve that problem that just won’t go away.

About Us
We ensure unmatched experience in providing your company with over 100 years of combined design experience in supplying high quality Deaerators. We can supply technical experience on Chicago Heater Co., Belco Deaerator, Crane, Cochrane Environmental, Graver Deaerator, Envirex Deaerator, Ecodyne Deaerator, Kewanee, LA Water Deaerator, Permutit, Sterling Deaerator, Worthington Deaerator, ASC, BFS, PMI, PEMCO, Cleaver Brooks, Industrial Steam, BGR and Stork Deaerators.

Contact us at 913-384-2500 for more information on our Deaerator repair services.
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Member and Executive Staff, HEI (Heat Exchange Institute)
NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Performance Testing of Deaerators

Award/Recognition: Academic Papers for EPRI